The more you taste the vintage style, the more you taste the Omega Seamaster Heritage

 I am 35 this year, in the 20s when I happened to come across an elder gift of Citizen mechanical watch gradually became interested in mechanical watches, at that time, I felt very forced, with more than a year, when they dumped the data line accidentally touched the watch mirror broken, in the small vendors to replace the watch mirror from time to time inside the fog, thinking not to change a piece of it. At that time, the economy was limited, the first purchase of mechanical watches is Tissot Force Locke, and then one after another into the Longines Conquest and Tudor Ranger, said the Ranger really accurate time, when the Seahorse 150 very fond of, but think about the nature of their work or not very suitable for such delicate models, mainly on the old and the young is not worth to buy a watch for their normal life. By coincidence, after the secondary market inadvertently saw the Omega Tieba, which is not with their own Ranger a style?
    The more you look at it, the more you taste it, the more you can be assured that the 8806 chronometer will keep its time, so the heart is planted, low-profile appearance, better brand awareness, after a period of time, so out of only two months of the Ranger into the only try on unused iron bar, encountered the seller is also more chatty, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble later so take the Xu Buitian identification. I am in a small city of four or five lines, and there is no OMEGA counter, and it is too much trouble to go out and try it on, and the Iron Bar is the watch that I want to get at first sight. I'd like to say that this iron bar definitely belongs to the style of a strong retro look, and later with a strap proper tool table. The culture is limited, write the general, hope that the majority of table friends to look at it! By the way, seek a certification! rolex clone