The blue plate is fascinated by the Rolex logbook can be literary and martial

March 27th purchased Rolex 126234, was gradient blue dial to deeply attracted, my wrist week 16 wear 126234 just right, apparently very delicate, 41 plate looks big not delicate, 36 plate and is the classic log. Originally intended to purchase last year, the local Henggeli to take the sale, think about the super public price a little more.fake rolex daytona
    I also put a film on the watch, they say the film is for the next owner to keep, but this is my non-sale item. 36 blue plate log casual and formal wear both, wear The shirt can be hidden inside the sleeve to go, five bead chain strap is very comfortable to wear, summer and breathable, better than the plate chain, the disadvantage is more scratches. Currently three months slow 32 seconds, good accuracy, the Internet said that the 3235 movement is not as good as the 3135 movement, low oscillation, because in order to increase the dynamic storage, the inner thickness of the barrel than the previous generation reduced by half, so that the length of the barrel increased, also increased instability, my friend's 31 movement 5 years are not maintained, said 3235 movement 2-3 years to be maintained. Holding the principle of buying new not old, the first few days of the new watch wear feel really good, the back of the intention to enter the five-bead chain Guomi circle.