Love you more than just eve.


With Tanabata just around the corner, in what form are you going to express your feelings for your lover? In ancient times, the Cowherd and the Weaver came to meet each other over thousands of miles. On this special day, is your beloved also by your side? Why don't you give her a classic and timeless OMEGA Constellation watch to keep her company on her wrist, all the time?

Born in 1952, the OMEGA Constellation collection has been in the public eye for more than half a century, with its timeless and glamorous design featuring the classic half-moon facets on both ends of the case as well as the "claw" design. The blue aventurine dial is further enhanced by the use of natural aventurine and the diamond bezel.

The 29 mm case of this watch is made of Sedna 18K gold, an original OMEGA material that is softer in color presentation than other karat golds on the market. The color is also more durable and stable due to the addition of rare palladium. This means that even as an all-gold case, it does not look out of place on the wrist and is less prone to fading and losing its luster. The diamonds on the bezel elevate the elegance of the Constellation collection to a higher level.

The bezel of the watch as well as the hour markers are embellished with diamonds. Needless to say, it's hard to resist the beauty of diamonds. The hands and the Omega brand logo as well as the star emblem logo are made of Sedna 18K gold. Especially with the aventurine dial, which is like a shining star in a river of stars, the watch's face and details stand up to scrutiny from any angle. In addition to this, the watch is also functional, with a date window at 6 o'clock on the dial.fake rolex for sale